Drapes and curtains affect how our house looks like inside our home. It can establish the mood, which beats the other parts of the room. Curtains help also control the light that enters the room through the windows besides giving us the privacy that we want. As I was doing some thorough research for my perfect ready made curtains, I have learned that there are different types of curtains and they all have different functions to perform. Here are some of them:

Rod-pocket drapes

These types of curtains are also called pole-pocket drapes, which are created with a built-in casing on top that can be slipped in the rod and eliminates the use for rings. Sheer curtains usually have two-rod pockets. The lower pocket is meant for the curtain rods while the top pocket has a ruffling effect, which creates an illusion that the curtain is unified into the wall.

Tab-top curtains

These types of curtains are excellent for a more casual effect. It has flat loops on top meant for the rod. It does not need any curtain rings and it can be easily drawn closed and open without pulling its cords.

Ring-top Drapery

From its name, this curtain hangs on rings that are usually attached to the curtain one space apart. The rings were made ideally to show the design of the curtain rod. The same as the tab-top curtains, these types of curtains do not need any pull cord to close or open the drapes.

Grommet-top Drapery

This type of curtain is new. There are huge grommet rings on top of the draperies, which creates broad pleats. This is ideal for modern and crisp rooms like a study or a lounge.

Blackout or Thermal Curtains

Thermal curtains act as a protector from too much cold and heat. I use this kind of curtain in my bedroom for it acts as my blackout curtains, wherein it completely keeps sunlight out of by bedroom because of its extra linings. It looks like an ordinary drapery, but with additional layer that acts as the insulator. This kind of curtain is great for saving energy costs and it gives me my privacy that I want in my bedroom.

Sheer Curtains

In contrary to thermal curtains, sheer curtains let sunlight enters a room; however, it can still maintain enough privacy. These types must be bought double the width of your window to create the illusion that is more dramatic and to be able to achieve the privacy of the room.

The list of types of curtains continues; however, these are just a few of my favourites that I personally use in my home. You may visit your favourite home decor stores to ask for the best ready-made curtains, that you think fits your home needs and style.